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Retirement Planning

Lifestyle Financial Planning

This is our bespoke solution. We look beyond just retirement planning and use our custom process to understand you as well as your financial situation, life dreams, goals, and needs.   A very high percentage of individuals do not have any documented goals. We guide you in formulating clear documented goals that will ensure you always have a point of reference when making any life decisions that will influence you financial wellbeing.  The most important part of Lifestyle Financial Planning is coaching our clients to reach their comfort zone with regard to a balanced financial lifestyle. Satisfaction is only achieved once clients come to understand that they alone hold their financial future in their own hands and wise counsel is required when decisions are made that will influence your lifestyle.   


Wealth Management

Research & Analysis

We thoroughly research the companies we represent to provide you with a stable yet diverse portfolio. We spend time analysing your investment requirements and risk profile to make sure what we offer is right for you.

portfolio planning

Based on our research we then build a portfolio profile designed to help you reach your long term investment goals.

Execute & Monitor

We monitor all our clients’ portfolios on an ongoing basis. We make adjustments throughout the year to stay within your mandate. We also provide regular reporting and annual feedback meetings.

Life Insurance & Income Protection

Risk Management

Taking care of your loved ones when you cannot is the sign of great wisdom. We assess your commercial and personal risk and potential threats to which you may be exposed to and create solid strategies to safeguard income earning potential and your family after you are gone. Risk management is an ongoing process that helps you make sure you do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks.

Will & testaments

Estate Planning

Spare your loved ones the disaster of you not having a will. The pain and suffering caused can very often devastate those left behind and leave them with a lot less than you ever imagined.
Being in the position to leave a legacy is a wonderful gift, but it is also a complex one that must be thought through carefully. To make sure that your and your beneficiaries’ very specific needs are met, we combine our extensive experience with an in-depth analysis to assess your current financial picture and the one you hope to achieve. The result: a personalised solution that is holistic, dynamic and, above all, sustainable. This includes estate planning, the drafting of wills, formation of trusts and estate administration services.