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True Independence

True Financial Advice

We are true independent financial advisors (IFAs). We advise in your best interests acting on behalf of you and not a company we sell products for. We tailor solutions to your particular circumstances using the whole of the market.

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In order to make a wise decision on anything knowledge is paramount. So we spend countless hours doing the research necessary to help you make prudent and successful financial determinations.


Nothing grows unless it is planted. In order to expand your wealth and ensure you live the type of life you want to in the future, it is prudent to invest today.


In-depth research, wise counsel and sound financial decisions will lead to prosperity in the long term. Oak trees do not grow to massive heights and breadths in a month or even a year. They steadily grow for decades. Solid investments grow over time.

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Financial Plans Tailored Exactly To Your Needs

We view you as an individual, the sum of many parts. We consider your entire financial structure from your first retirement contribution, to saving for your children’s education, to disability cover, life insurance and right up to what to do when you retire. We take a holistic approach and tailor a lifestyle plan just for you, no matter what stage of life you are at.

Our Specialties

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wealth management

lifestyle financial planning

short and long term investments

risk management services

life insurance

disability and income protection

retirement planning

saving for future expenses

estate planning


What We Can Do For You

Wealth managers are not just for the wealthy but also for those who are working towards building wealth. Wealth creation starts from the very first job you hold and reaching your long term goals is best done with wise counsel.

“Without counsel, plans go awry.” Proverb


From money markets to offshore forex investments we offer a wide range.

Life insurance & Risk

Take care of your loved ones when you are no longer able to.

Retirement & Lifestyle

Our bespoke comprehensive financial planning solution made just for you.

Estate Planning

Take care and leave an inheritance for your children’s children.

Meet Your Advisor

Hanjo Schlabitz

CA (Nam) CA (SA) CFP®
I am the second generation owner of WMS and I am here to work for you. I am a qualified chartered accountant and have worked in the financial industry in Namibia, South Africa, London, Germany, the USA and Kazakhstan. I have also completed a post graduate diploma in financial planning and have been an IFA since 2008.